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Monday, February 4, 2019

Finished Projects

Even though I am the slowest knitter on record, I have finished a few things in recent memory.  Most recently, I finished socks that have been in the works for a while. 

I tend to start 5 or 6 socks at a time, doing just an inch or so of ribbing at the top.  When I need a new, easy to carry around project, I grab one of them.  Usually I end up finishing all the first socks, and repeat the process on the 2nd socks.  Most are knit for me, and it keeps me from getting bored, which I do, very easily.

No idea when either of these were started; they were listed in my Bullet Journals for the past 2 years (along with close to 50 of their WIP buddies).  They are now done, and in the case of the Paton's Kroy socks, have been worn.

First up, Paton's Kroy socks, no clue what the colorway is called.

If you look closely, you'll note that the ribbing patterns for the legs are different! It was definitely not by design, but I didn't realize it until the heel flap was almost complete; I posted a photo on Facebook and asked if anyone saw the glaring error, and only 1 person did.  Decided it didn't matter to me, and it's a good thing because the stripe sequence on the toes doesn't match either.

I've worn these, and they are soft and warm and squishy, like most Kroy socks.

Next up, Brown Sheep Wildfoote in the Rhapsody colorway.

I love the colors, the ribbing matches and they should be really nice to wear.  All my purple tops were in the laundry last week - this week promises to be better, wardrobe-wise.

It was a lovely, rainy weekend.  Lots of rain showers - some quite intense - and some pretty stiff winds as well.  Rain is predicted today and tomorrow, and then we should get a break until the weekend.  It's all good.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019


That banner up there? That's been my backyard view, more or less, for the last 19 years.  There have been changes over time, of course, but I've always loved that view.

Ken and I got married in that far section, past the smoke tree, with 200 of our closest friends in attendance. I've had gardens back there, and played volleyball and badminton with friends at casual barbecues. We listened to San Francisco Giants baseball games in those Adirondack chairs under that mulberry tree.

All that will change soon.  The house goes on the market in a couple of weeks.  Once we have a buyer, we will travel to New Hampshire to find the house where we hope to spend the rest of our lives, having a new adventure in a totally new (for me, at least) part of the country.

It's sad, but it's exhilarating too. I never meant to stay in the Bay Area this long; originally the plan was to get my feet wet on big city life in San Francisco for up to 10 years, and then make the jump to New York!  The Bay Area was just so comfortable, and Ken had moved from New York and so we stayed. 

Stay tuned. I expect it may be a bit of a bumpy ride!

Friday, August 10, 2018

The More Things Change

This poor blog and its predecessor on Typepad have been sorely neglected for at least a couple of years.  Blogs are not as popular as they once were, people like podcasts, everyone is on FaceBook - and yet, there is something simple and so very satisfying about reading a blog.  It's a little window into a life, and thoughts and what makes a person who they are.

My blog has always been a sort of diary: thoughts, plans, projects that were new or important to me. It's fun going back the the very early days of my first blog site in 2004 to see what was trending on blogs, what was important to me, and what my life was like then.

I'm resurrecting the blog now because we, my husband and I, are going to make a large, scary, fun change to our lives in the coming months.  A place to talk it through, remind myself of what's important - and perhaps, more importantly - what is not important, and just create a memory of this time is going to be a bonus and a way to keep my head on straight.  It's a good change - no worries about that - but it is a big change and that comes with lots of angst.

There will be knitting, quilt piecing, cats, plants and house photos as always.  Whining will be allowed - hey, it's my blog, I'll whine if I want to - and joys to be shared.  Come along with me for the ride!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Moving Day!

Hello!  Welcome to knitswithcats new home on the net!

After 7 years at Blog City (which I loved) and 5 at Typepad (which is OK too), I've returned to blogspot, where I first blogged 13 or 14 years ago.

It's kind of a strange homecoming. For unknown reasons, I never felt as "at home" on Typepad as I did on Blog City.  That, coupled with the move to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and many other places, has taken some of the fun out of blogging.  And yet, I want to keep blogging, if only so I have a record of what I'm doing and creating and enjoying.  An electronic diary (that corrects my typos), if you will.

So today is the first day of blogging here, and I expect it will be rather rough in the beginning.  I'm targeting one post a week - surely even I can knit that much.

Today's knitting picture:

5 pussyhats, all ready to go to Washington, DC for Saturday's march.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This is the new home for knitswithcats. Blog-City, the hosting service I've used since October 20, 2004, is closing its doors on December 31.  I admit it: I've procrastinated in moving the blog. The demise of Blog-City was announced in the latter half of 2010, and I secretly hoped that the decision would be rescinded.

Alas, it is not to be, and now I'm scrambling to move more than 7 years of rambling posts, photos and moments of my life to a new home. Nothing will be lost, although it may take a while to get it moved and posted.

The next post will be more interesting, I hope. There's lots of talk about - finished knitting projects, started knitting projects, house projects, general rambling - and I'm anxious to get back to posting on a more regular basis!